Vascular complications of diabetes & hypertension

The programme ‘Vascular complications of diabetes and hypertension’ is centred around key processes that are related to micro- and macrovascular disease such as microvascular dysfunction, arterial stiffening, advanced glycation and inflammation. Microvascular and macrovascular disease contributes to the development and progression of highly prevalent (obesity-associated) cardiometabolic diseases and their (late) comorbidities and complications. The programme employs the full translational axis from experimental work in vitro and in small animals to human interventions, epidemiological cohort studies and systems biology to gain insight in the role of different (functional) aspects of micro- and macrovascular disease, as well as their underlying metabolic and functional pathways, in cardiometabolic diseases.

  1. PI group Bram Kroon
  2. PI group Martijn Brouwers