Phd Conferrals September

PhD Conferral Rick Schreurs, 10 September, 10.00 hours 
Supervisors: Prof. F.W. Prinzen, Prof. J.G. Maessen 
Title: Novel indication and optimization strategies for cardiac pacing

PhD Conferral Roman Zeleznik, 16 September 14.00 hours
Supervisors: Prof. H. Aerts, Prof. U. Hoffmann (Harvard University Boston, USA)
Title: Deep learning in cardiovascular imaging using A1 to improve risk predictions and optimize clinical workflows

PhD Conferral Mariusz Kowalewski, 20 September 10.00 hours 
Supervisors: Prof. R. Lorusso, Prof. J.G. Maessen
Co-supervisor: Dr E. Bidar
Title: Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation Support in Complex Clinical Scenarios of Refractory Cardiogenic Shock in Adults

PhD Conferral Han Jin, 21 September 16.00 hours 
Supervisors: Prof. E.A.L. Biessen, Prof. J.C. Sluimer 
Co-supervisor: Dr E. Smirnov
Title: Tangible Heart, Silicon Brain Computational Modelling of Cardiovascular Diseases

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