Phd Conferrals December

Academic Events

PhD Conferral Daniel Claassens, 3 December, 14.00 hours 
Supervisors: Prof. J. ten Berg, Prof. A. van 't Hof 
co-supervisor: Dr. V. Deneer (UMC Utrecht) ,  Dr. R. Hermanides (Isala Zwolle)
Title: Implementing pharmacogenetics to personalize antiplatelet therapy after myocardial infarction

PhD Conferral Till Seime, 7 December, 10.00 hours Online 
Supervisors: Prof. L. Schurgers, Prof. U. Hedin (Karolinska Institute Sweden)
Co-supervisor: Dr. L. Perisic Matic (Karolinska Institute Sweden)
Title: The role of smooth muscle cells in calcification of atherosclerotic plaques

PhD Conferral Joris Winters, 8 December, 16.00 hours 
Supervisors: Prof. U. Schotten
Co-supervisor: Dr. M. Stoll
Title: Large scale analysis of atrial structure and gene expression in patients with atrial fibrillation

PhD Conferral Xiasong Liu, 9 December, 12.00 hours
Supervisors: Prof. G. Nicolaes, Prof. C. Reutelingsperger
Co-supervisor: Dr. K. Wichapong
Title:Implementation of Structural Bioinformatics in Thromboinflammation Studies

PhD Conferral Francesco Matteucci, 14 December, 16.00 hours 
Supervisors: Prof. S. Gelsomino, Prof. M. Lemair (Vrije universiteit Brussel)
Co-supervisor: Dr. B. Maesen
Title: Bipolar biparietal bidirectional application of radiofrequency in experimental in vitro/in vivo environment.

PhD Conferral Christian Nogales Calvo, 16 December, 14.00 hours 
Supervisors: Prof. H. Schmidt, Dr. A. Casas Guijarro
Title: Network Modules as Novel Molecular Disease Definitions for Precision Theranostics
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