PhD conferrals May 2023

PhD conferral Julia Wirth, 8 May, 13.00 hours, MBB 4-6 (double doctorate)
Supervisors: Prof. E. Biessen, Prof. J. Jankowski (UM/University Hospital RWTH Aachen)
Co-supervisor: Dr H. Noels (UM/University Hospital RWTH Aachen)
Title: 'Uremia-induced effects on cardioregulatory mechanisms in the context of the cardiorenal syndrome'

PhD conferral Yee Lai Lam, 9 May, 13.00 hours, MBB 4-6
Supervisor: Prof. C.H.A. Wittens, Prof. H. ten Cate
Title: 'Extending the frontiers beyond heat: Non-Thermal varicose vein treatments'

PhD conferral Vishnu Suresh Babu, 15 May, 16.00 hours, MBB 4-6
Supervisor: Prof. S.R.B. Heymans
Co-supervisor: Dr Arkasubhra Ghosh (Narayana Nethralaya Eye Hospital, Bangalore, India)
Title: 'Identification of metabolic dysregulation and transcriptional networks in retinoblastoma reveals novel therapeutic targets. Functional insights and novel therapeutic strategies using a correlative multi-omics approach'

PhD conferral Nikolas Rapp, 16 May, 13.00 hours, MBB 4-6
Supervisor: Prof. L. Schurgers
Co-supervisor: Dr A. Jaminon
Title: 'Chasing the perfect storm: Vascular calcification in chronic renocardiac syndrome'

PhD conferral Anne Willers, 25 May, 10.00 hours, MBB 4-6
Supervisors: Prof. R. Lorusso, Prof. J.G. Maessen
Co-supervisors: Dr J. Swol
Title: 'Bleeding-related conditions and complications in extracorporeal life support'