FAIR Coffee lectures - 26 January 2021

UM is on a mission to become a leading example in the Open Science movement, which
aims to make research papers, data, methods, etc. open to anyone so we can all benefit.
The FAIR principles go hand-in-hand with Open Science and they form a great guide to make sure that the research you make Open, can actually be used.

With the FAIR Coffee lecture series, the Open Science Community of UM, in collaboration with the Community for Data-Driven Initiatives (CDDI), will help you find out more about these topics and discover how your UM colleagues have applied Open Science and FAIR principles to their research. These lectures are a perfect chance to dip your toes in the FAIR water and find inspiration in the work of others!

To reach as wide an audience as possible, all lectures are designed to be useful and
understandable to UM employees from all different faculties and fields. So even if a
lecture covers a topic you’re not familiar with, don’t hesitate to join! Each lecture starts
with a short Open Science/FAIR intro, followed by an inspiring lecture from a UM
colleague on how they applied FAIR in their work. There will also be a short “caffeine”
quiz at the end of the lecture with a chance to win a Bandito Espresso voucher!
The first FAIR Coffee edition will feature a presentation by Lea Beiermann entitled “FAIR
to whom? Data sharing in the Open Humanities”. The lecture will take place via Zoom on
Tuesday January 26 from 14:00-15:00.

  • A quick introduction on FAIR/Open Science and the FAIR Coffee lecture series (10
  • Main lecture by Lea Beiermann (40 minutes, including questions)
  • Pitch on upcoming FAIR Essentials workshop (5 minutes)
  • Caffeine quiz (5 minutes)

For more info, including how to register, go to the OSC website:
https://www.openscience-maastricht.nl/events. Participation is free, but please register
so we can send you the Zoom link and keep you up to date!
The FAIR Coffee lecture series is being launched together with the FAIR Essentials
workshop, which is a step up from the lectures and provides you with hands-on training
and more background on the why and how of FAIR. The first workshop will start a few
weeks after the first lecture. More information on this will follow soon!

Click here for the flyer.

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