Master’s programme

CARIM is involved in several FHML clinical and preclinical Master programmes, including the Master in Medicine, the Physician-Clinical Master and the Master Biomedical Sciences (BMS). In each of these Master programmes, CARIM staff acts as coordinator of different modules and fulfills other important teaching roles within these programmes.

Importantly, part of the training of Master students in each of these programmes involves one or two internships (ranging from 3 to 6 months) allowing many students to become acquainted with and to participate in clinical and preclinical cardiovascular research under the guidance of CARIM staff.

Master of Biomedical Sciences (BMS)

The master's in Biomedical Sciences focusses on the state-of-the-art methodology and skills that enable researchers to unravel the molecular and cellular mechanisms in health and disease with the ultimate goal to restore health. Through a mix of theoretical courses, practical training sessions and internships, students will explore the relationship between human beings and their environment, from molecule, to gene, to cell and organ, to individual and to entire populations. Students learn how new scientific knowledge is obtained in basic and applied research areas, and how these insights can be used to benefit patients.

  1. Master of Biomedical Sciences


Master in Medicine

In the master’s programme in Medicine (taught in Dutch), students will receive an extensive introduction to the practice of healthcare. The programme familiarises you with medical practice through clinical rotations in different fields of medicine. As students become more experienced, they will gradually be given more responsibility in dealing with patients. But education and a research project are also included in the curriculum.

  1. Master in Medicine


Physician-Clinical Investigator Master

In the research master’s Physician-Clinical Investigator, students conduct patient-oriented research and learn how to apply research in practice. You work as an intern in hospitals and you work as a student-researcher in research laboratories.

  1. Physician-Clinical Investigator Master