Under the name 'I’M CARIM', we are dedicated to make your time with CARIM as enjoyable as possible, making everybody proud to say:

I'M CARIM is a social club that is run by very active CARIM PhD representatives. Their main tasks are to

  • be part of the Education Programme Committee of CARIM; 
  • organise social events for CARIM PhD candidates (informal drinks and activities, such as I’M CARIM Young investigator Rounds lecture series including drinks and a social activity during the CARIM course Week or other social events);
  • help PhD candidates out in case of trouble;
  • takes initiative to reduce PhD thesis printing costs.

With regular newsletters and on the events calendar of this website, I’M CARIM keeps you informed about upcoming courses, job opportunities, drinks and other relevant information.

The six people fulfilling this task are:

  • Minke Rijpkema (Department of Biochemistry)
  • Laura Kempen (Deptartment of Pathology)
  • Elias Wieland (Department of Pathology)
  • Eline Berends (Department of Internal Medicine)
  • Lisa den Brok (Department of Internal Medicine)
  • Stan Muitjens (Department of Pathology)

In case of CARIM related problems or questions, please do not hesitate to contact the members: imcarim@maastrichtuniversity.nl