Executive Board
The Executive Board is responsible for the management of the school and meets monthly to discuss and decide upon issues at strategic and operational level. The Scientific Director has the full and integral responsibility for the school and reports to the Dean.
Prof. Tilman Hackeng, Scientific Director
Prof. Hugo ten Cate, Division Blood
Prof. Kevin Vernooy, Leader Division Heart
Prof. Coen Stehouwer, Leader Division Vessels
• Prof. Uli Schotten, Representative Strategic Board
• Dr Simon Schalla, CARIM priori
• Jolanda Gulpen, CARIM priori
• Danny Luciana
• Tara de Koster

Strategic Board
The Strategic Board advises and supports the CARIM scientific director in managing long-term policy. The board is also a discussion forum and generates written visions of the future of CARIM and its survival in an increasingly competitive international scientific environment. The Strategic Board meets regularly to discuss issues such as grant programmes, national and international collaboration networks, interdisciplinary communication and CARIM’s visibility in the national and international cardiovascular fields.
Prof. Uli Schotten, chair
Dr Aaron Isaacs
Prof. Paul Volders
Dr Judith Cosemans
• Dr Martijn Brouwers
Dr Jordi Heijman
Dr Boy Houben
Sandrine Seyen
• Deepak Balamurali
• Danny Luciana
• Tara de Koster

CARIM Office
The CARIM Office consists of specialists that support the organisation and it's researchers with administrative, financial and legal issues, including HRM and funding. Tara de Koster, Esther Willigers and Barbara Przybylski are responsible for administrative issues, including supporting the Executive Board. The controllers of CARIM are Lynn Lemeer and Hans Slenter. The Finance Department of Maastricht University provides support on accounting the CARIM research projects with Henny Kerckhoffs, Johan Noordijk and Jacqueline Roufs-Schepers. Anke Neekmann and Petra Suurmond of the Human Resources Department of Maastricht University is dedicated to CARIM. In legal affairs, Suzanne ten Hoeve and Cindy Schröder support CARIM, and Gwynned de Looijer is the support for funding acquisition. Managing Director Danny Luciana is the head of the CARIM office.

Research Council
The CARIM Research Council evaluates grant applications to improve the quality and success rate, especially those to be submitted to highly competitive calls, for example, but not limited to, Veni, Vidi, Vici, Dekker fellowships, ERC, Leducq and TTW-OTP.
• Dr Kristiaan Wouters, chair
• Dr Constance Baaten, secretary
Dr Matthijs Blankesteijn
Dr Ingrid Dijkgraaf
• Dr Ed Eringa
Dr Pieter Goossens
Prof. Paula da Costa Martins
Prof. Frits Prinzen
Prof. Chris Reutelingsperger
Dr Marjo Donners
Dr Gerry Nicolaes
• Dr Gwynned de Looijer

Grants & Incentives Team
The goal of the CARIM Grants & Incentive Team is boost grant applications by activating researchers and research teams, keeping track of submitted, granted and rejected applications and discussing calls and opportunities.
Prof. Frits Prinzen, chair
Dr Stijn Agten
• Dr Matthijs Blankesteijn
Dr Marleen van Greevenbroek
• Dr Mark Hazebroek
Prof. Joost Lumens
Dr Daniel Molin
Prof. Judith Sluimer
• Dr Gwynned de Looijer
• Danny Luciana

Education Programme Coordinator
Prof. Eline Kooi is CARIM’s PhD coordinator and advises the Executive Board on all issues regarding the PhD programme. Within CARIM, the PhD coordinator works closely with the CARIM Office, policy advisor and Scientific Director. Click here for more information on our PhD programme.

Education Programme Committee
The Education Programme Committee coordinates both the PhD and Master’s programmes and advises the Executive Board on all issues regarding these educational programmes.
Prof. Eline Kooi
Dr Matthijs Blankesteijn
Prof. Eline Kooi
Dr Boy Houben
Dr Marleen van Greevenbroek
• Joanna Alves  Da Silva
• Minke Rijpkema
• Laura Kempen
• Elias Wieland

Participating departments
• Anesthesiology
Biomedical Engineering (BMT)
• Cardiology
Cardio-thoracic Surgery
Clinical Chemistry
• Clinical Pharmacy
• Epidemiology
Genetics and Cell Biology
• Intensive Care
• Internal Medicine
• Pharmacology and Toxicology
Radiology and Nuclear Medicine
Vascular surgery